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Sculpture: Assemblage of Ideas

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Online, Jul 20 - Aug 14 | Asynchronous
ages 13-17 | Online | 2020/SE-APHSS-0092 ( Class not open for registration )
0 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $1600


This course is part of Session II (Featured Topics) of RISD Advanced Program for High School Students.

Throughout history sculpture has served as a means to honor, reflect and challenge society. In this course students focus on assemblage to push the use of a 'ready-made' or 'found object' as a means of injecting theme and content into a work. Lectures present the rich historical context of everyday objects or images (in individual artworks and critical art movements), as well as the work of contemporary artists such as Nina Katchadourian, Tara Donovan, Jessica Stockholder and Francis Alys. Students learn best practices for a well-rounded approach to making sculptural works outside of a traditional studio setting. They start with the process of ideation, which includes writing about and discussing ideas as a group; and sharing sketches, color studies, material studies and small prototypes. They then move into the making process and share in-process works and, finally, document images of sculptural work for a portfolio.

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  • Name: Gail Dodge (Bio)