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Advanced Program for High School Students: Session II / Animation: Beyond Entertainment

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Online, Jul 20 - Aug 14 | Asynchronous
ages 13-17 | Online | 2020/SE-APHSS-0084-03 ( Class is almost Full )
67 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $1600


This course is part of Session II (Featured Topics) of RISD Advanced Program for High School Students.

With increasing expansion, animation serves as a vital tool to highlight injustices, explain data and essential information, and bring new understanding to critical issues. This course focuses on communication, problem solving, and reflection upon global and local issues through the medium of animation. The fundamentals of sequential art are introduced through a variety of methods and materials, including flipbooks, storyboards, collage, cutouts, and stop-motion techniques. Students think and learn about the roles of artist-as-communicator and artist-as-educator with the ability to create content that is impactful, dynamic and effective. Students create palimpsest animations inspired by the work of William Kentridge, pixilation projects based on personal interviews, haikus using cutout and collage techniques, and frame-by-frame character animation. Independent research of political and socioeconomic areas of interest provides students with the content to develop their unique vision.

- This class will be taught through our online course management platform (CE Link).
- This course requires access to Adobe Creative Cloud, or some of its creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Monthly subscriptions can be purchased from a variety of pricing plans directly from Adobe.
- This course requires access to a digital camera or smartphone.
- This course requires access to a tripod.
- Please visit our Registration FAQ for additional information and resources.

  • Name: Carissa Abitabilo (Bio)