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Drawing + Mixed Media: Expressive Ideation

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Online, Jul 20 - Aug 14 | Asynchronous
ages 13-17 | Online | 2020/SE-APHSS-0088-02 ( Class not open for registration )
0 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $1600


This course is part of Session II (Featured Topics) of RISD Advanced Program for High School Students.

This course presents students with an opportunity to expand their understanding of drawing fundamentals by considering and utilizing nontraditional materials and methods. Through lectures, demonstrations and reviewing artists’ works, students come to see drawing as a way of thinking through visual and conceptual problems, allowing them to see how to develop visual languages that can address issues and areas of personal interest. Experimentation as a way to challenge established approaches to composition, materiality, tools and concepts will be explored. Processes such as collage, frottage (rubbings), image transfer, pochoir-stenciling, trace-monotype, screen monotype, and some digital techniques are covered to help students find their own medium of choice for future work. Completed works are driven by invested visual research and experimentation. In conjunction with existing drawing skills (and materials), students will be challenged to develop a series of large(r)-scale works that focus heavily on the harmonious combination of a diverse range of media and techniques.

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  • Name: Yevgeniya Baras (Bio)