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Cartooning + Caricature (Westerly)

Course Details

Saturday, Dec 1 | 10am-4pm
ages 13-17 | Westerly | 2018/CF-TEEN-2446
1 session | 6 contact hours | tuition $120


Caricature involves taking a person's distinctive features and deliberately exaggerating or recomposing them to create a comic, or grotesque, effect. Its evolution from traditional portraiture has been a steadily moving process, which has resulted in many incarnations and interpretations. Because of its detachment from reality and its roots in humor and satire, caricature gives an artist a wonderful sense of freedom. This is the perfect workshop for students who want to expand their cartooning or illustration skills.

This course takes place at the Westerly Education Center.

Applies to: AT, Y2

  • Name: Liz Lomax (Bio)