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Drawing: Technique Intensive (Westerly)

Course Details

Saturday + Sunday, Feb 16 - 17 | 10am-4pm
ages 18+ | Westerly | 2019/CW-DWG-0616 ( Class not open for registration )
2 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $275


Drawing is the foundation of artistic study, practice and communication. In this fast-paced weekend experience, students explore the fundamentals of drawing and learn how to render what they see. Students begin by describing shapes with line, weight and stroke direction, and move quickly to the study and observation of light and shadow. The class explores additive and reductive methods with the aim of completion of an accurate drawing using a range of values. Aided by student examples and instructor demonstrations, students develop their skills. Drawing materials include graphite, charcoal and erasure. Subjects, including natural and everyday objects, are provided.

This course takes place at the Westerly Education Center.

  • Name: Amy Bartlett Wright (Bio)