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Drawing: Introduction (Westerly)

Course Details

Thursdays, Jan 10 - Feb 14 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | Westerly | 2019/CW-FOUND-1187-02 ( Class not open for registration )
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $365 | model fee $20


Drawing is the simplest, most efficient and most accessible way to communicate visual ideas. This course, designed for the absolute beginner, focuses on development of hand-eye coordination -- required for all perceptual drawing -- to understand how to look and how to transcribe what is seen onto a surface. Students begin by learning to describe shapes with line, including exploration of line weight, direction and speed and then move on to value, investigating both additive and reductive ways of working and how to utilize the power of light and dark to create volume and space. As confidence builds, progress is made into more complicated subject matter and working out compositional decisions and strategies. Tools utilized include pencil, charcoal and eraser. Subjects include still life, architecture/space and a brief introduction to the figure. Please note that in addition to the lab fee, you can expect to have to buy additional supplies for this course. We try to keep this cost under $100, but for specialized courses (jewelry, wood, metals) this may be higher.

This course takes place at the Westerly Education Center.

Applies to: NS-E, PS-E

  • Name: Jacob Cullers (Bio)