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Handbag Collection Product Development: From Idea to Market

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Tuesdays, Sep 10 - Oct 15 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2019/CF-PDM-2889 ( Class not open for registration )
18 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $365 | lab fee $5


What goes into making a great handbag design? Even better, what turns a set of bags into a compelling, marketable collection with a refreshing point of view and the potential to make a profitable and sustainable business? In this course we'll cover each aspect in the product-to-market cycle of handbag development. Beginning with a vision and target market, you'll learn the basics of materials, components, construction methods, sourcing options, and pricing, and get advice on how to create partner relationships and how to communicate with sample makers and producers. We’ll also cover topics like quality control, production issues, the pleasures and perils of importing, and market options (custom-made, online, wholesale and/or retail). You’ll bring your own collection ideas, which we'll develop and discuss in class, and walk through the process from ideation to market, evaluating creative concepts in harmony with production and market necessities. Get a first-hand look at the important aspects of creating a viable handbag collection and the practical foundation necessary to bring it to market.

Applies to: PM-E

  • Name: Linda Pritcher (Bio)