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Heroes in Space (Westerly)

Course Details

Saturdays, Jan 12 - Feb 9 | 1-4pm
ages 13-17 | Westerly | 2019/CW-TEEN-3941 ( Class not open for registration )
5 sessions | 15 contact hours | tuition $285 | lab fee $20


How do you turn your sketchbook character into a three-dimensional clay figure? It is easy and quick to create using polymer clay, as you build over a metal armature and then sculpt the broad forms and fine details. The course starts with lessons in sculptural anatomy, proportion and exaggeration -- all of which play into how your hero might be shaped -- and concludes with a demonstration of painting techniques over the finished sculpture (or maquette). By the course's end you will have learned a process of character design that continues to have value to illustrators and concept design professionals.

This course takes place at the Westerly Education Center.

Applies to: AT, Y3

  • Name: Liz Lomax (Bio)