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Human Design for Success (Online)

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Online, Jun 22 - Jul 13 | Asynchronous
ages 18+ | Online | 2020/SE-PRAC-2882-02 ( Class not open for registration )
0 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $275


The human mind has a built-in design for success: a brilliant system operating behind the scenes. Understanding the powerful simplicity of its design helps unlock the source for insightful solutions to power your design business creation. When you grasp how something works, you can more effectively utilize it, whether it's your design tools, your computer, your body or your elegantly-designed mind. In this course, you'll learn how to leverage the power inherent in the design of the mind to create and innovate more effectively with less resistance and stress. You'll learn how to be “in the zone” more often where you are more focused, responsive, solution oriented, creative, resilient, efficient and impactful. This shift will profoundly impact both your personal and professional life as you realize the power and mechanism of insight. This capacity, used effectively, will help you solve your design and business problems with an ease you’ve not previously experienced.

- This class will be taught through our online course management platform (CE Link).
- Please visit our Registration FAQ for additional information and resources.

Applies to: AN-E, GR-E, ID-E, IT-E, JM-E, NS-E, PG-E, PM-E, PS-E

  • Name: Linda Pritcher (Bio)