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Materials for Interior Design (Westerly)

Course Details

Tuesdays, Apr 9 - May 21 | 6:30-9:30pm | No Class: 4/16
ages 18+ | Westerly | 2019/CS-INDES-1056 ( Class not open for registration )
18 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $365


The materials that engage our senses play an integral role in defining our interior spaces; understanding the unique characteristics of various materials is an important aspect of selecting and designing with them. In this survey course, students explore a variety of materials used in interior design, including fabrics, wall coverings, paints, wood, stone, metal, glass, laminates, solid surfacing, tile, carpet, resilient flooring and more. The course covers appropriate and creative uses of these materials in commercial and residential applications, in addition to code considerations, specification writing and identification of sources.

This course is held at the Westerly Education Center.

Applies to: ID-E

  • Name: Kimberley Valente (Bio)