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Original Duplicity: The Art of the Print (Westerly)

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Saturdays, Apr 27 - May 18 | 1-4pm
ages 13-17 | Westerly | 2019/CS-TEEN-2471 ( Class not open for registration )
4 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $230 | lab fee $10


Shepard Fairey, the controversial RISD alumnus, manipulates found images to create his dynamic posters, following in the tradition of Andy Warhol's graphic icons. Through printmaking -- a process used to duplicate an image -- both original and found imagery can be layered to create original collages in multiple editions of identical or altered variations. In this course, students learn several non-press printing techniques that can be replicated at home, such as relief prints, silkscreen and pronto plates. Throughout the course, they practice their printmaking craftsmanship to create portfolio-quality two-dimensional works that are surprisingly consistent or uniquely different.

This course is held at the Westerly Education Center.

Applies to: AT, Y2

  • Name: Casey Weibust (Bio)