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Painting from Nature (Part A, Online)

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Online, Sep 21 - Oct 26 | Asynchronous
ages 18+ | Online | 2020/CF-NATUR-0626 ( Class not open for registration )
0 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $400


This asynchronous online class is the first of two courses, and begins the groundwork for observational rendering of natural subject matter in color media. Step-by-step instructions, demonstrations and hands-on exercises provide the framework to explore the principles of color and rendering techniques in colored pencil and watercolor as they can be applied in the depiction of a natural subject’s form, structure, texture and pattern. Lighting is emphasized as a means of heightening the realistic qualities of a specimen. Plants, birds, insects and other animals are the subjects, but the objectives may include creating visuals for children's books and commissioned paintings, as well as publication in scientific journals. Students will need to supply their own natural subjects and specimens, similar to what are shown in demonstrations. Note: Successful completion of "Painting from Nature, Part A" (0626) and "Painting from Nature, Part B" (0627) satisfies the "Painting from Nature" (2286) requirement for the Natural Science Illustration certificate.

- This is an asynchronous online course with no live class sessions or set meeting times. The course will include video presentations, detailed tutorials and discussion forums. Assignments will be sequenced so that one leads to the next and will include project deadlines. Students receive individualized support for idea development and critique of work. To keep pace with the course, students should expect to log in daily to CE Link, our online course management platform.
- Please visit our Registration FAQ for additional information and resources.

Applies to: NS-R

Prerequisites: Drawing II and Drawing from Nature

  • Name: Amy Bartlett Wright (Bio)