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Woodworking at Westerly

Course Details

Thursdays, Apr 18 - May 23 | 5-8pm
ages 18+ | Westerly | 2019/CS-WOOD-2877 ( Class not open for registration )
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $365 | lab fee $30


This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of working with wood using power and hand tools. Step by step, students learn the safe and effective use of machinery, and how to develop and execute a realistic plan/design for a simple piece. Students are introduced to ways of understanding wood, both in what to look for in selecting it and considerations when shaping it, work with table saws and sanders, and learn which machines are most effective in achieving their chosen project. Demonstrations and presentations further the learning. This hands-on introductory class helps students gain confidence with machines and working with wood and is ideal for beginners.

This course is held at the Westerly Education Center. Schedule Update: The schedule for this course has changed since originally published. Class will now meet April 18-May 23.

  • Name: Wilson Lawrence (Bio)