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Writing an Artist's Statement

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Thursday, Jan 17 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2019/CW-PRAC-0561 ( Class not open for registration )
1 session | 3 contact hours | tuition $85


Writing about your art can be a challenge; it is the last thing many artists want to write. In this workshop, you'll develop the strategies and tools necessary to write a compelling and accessible artist's statement, traditionally used for exhibition purposes, grant and teaching applications, and fellowships. By encouraging you to consider the motivations and methods behind your work, this course will make it possible for you to use prose to support and explain your art for a broad range of viewers and readers. By also considering your story as an artist (your biography) you'll be able to paint a complete picture of yourself and integrate this into the how and why of your process for a more complete description of you and your work. By the end of the workshop, you'll have fresh ideas and a rough outline of your own powerful and effective artist's statement.

Applies to: AN-E, GR-E, ID-E, IT-E, JM-E, NS-E, PG-E, PM-E, PS-E

  • Name: Michael Rose (Bio)