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Advertising Design

Course Details

Thursdays, Mar 2 - May 25 | 6:30-9:30pm | No Class: 4/20
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2017/CS-ADV-0774
12 sessions | 36 contact hours | tuition $595 | lab fee $50


This course gives students the opportunity to synthesize a wide variety of approaches, tools and concepts related to advertising design, and to develop samples of work for a portfolio. Whether refining an existing piece of work or creating something new, students receive guidance in choosing their strongest creative and visual solutions, and in compiling a group of samples that best represents them and their work. While targeting a future client or potential employer, students develop creative strategies for presenting themselves and their ideas in ways that get them noticed and achieve the results they are seeking.

Applies to: AD-R

Prerequisite: Advertising Design Studio

  • Name: Steve Ruggieri (Bio)
Course Details

Thursdays, Mar 2 - Apr 6 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2017/CS-PRNT-0776
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $420 | lab fee $30


What is the perfect recipe for a persuasive graphic design solution and how do you combine those ingredients for the best effect? Each variable is subject to choice and, whether shrewdly or poorly made, those choices cannot help but change the overall impact of the project. Students in this course are introduced to image making methods that are determined by underlying graphic and typographic messages. Assignments are devised to reinforce conceptual thinking and to foster understanding and evaluation of source information. The aim is to empower the graphic artist/advertising designer with a full visual literacy that best serves the project's needs.

Applies to: GR-R, PG-E

Prerequisite: Typographics I: Elements + Process

  • Name: Wayne Vieira (Bio)
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