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Saturday + Sunday, Jan 18 - 19 | 10am-4pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2020/CW-ANIM-0560
2 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $275 | lab fee $10


Cutout animation is a form of stop-motion animation using flat characters, props and backgrounds cut from paper, card, stiff fabric or even photographs. Animators divide characters into segments, piece together the individual cutout shapes and move them in small steps, taking a picture at each step -- with a film camera capable of taking single pictures -- to create the illusion of movement. This direct connection between brain and hand is central to cutout animation's spirit and allows the animator to rely on their intuition and experience to achieve the action. In this workshop you'll learn the fundamentals of frame-by-frame animation and the roots of two-dimensional field practice, explore direct under-the-camera techniques, develop the art of visual storytelling and ultimately produce your own short film.

Applies to: AN-E

  • Name: Maryann Guerzon (Bio)
Course Details

Saturdays, Jan 11 - Feb 15 | 9am-12pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2020/CW-ANIM-1721
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $425 | lab fee $30


Animation is a unique art form combining static images (usually drawings) and storytelling. These sequential images are put together to create the illusion of motion, much like a flipbook. This course introduces students to the core principles of cycles, levels, and squash and stretch as they start to turn their inanimate drawings into moving, dancing, fighting and flying animations. The use of analog and digital tools will be covered, as well as workflow implementation, including the mechanics of sequencing distinct drawings so that they flow together. In-class exercises and homework allow students to investigate and experiment with principles outside of class. By the end of the course students will complete a short movie, built frame by frame, and gain artistic confidence.

Applies to: AN-R, IT-E, PG-E

  • Name: Kosta Gregory (Bio)
Course Details

Wednesdays, Jan 8 - Feb 12 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2020/CW-ILUS-2202
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $365


How did Snow White move from fairy tales to animated films and then on to be reinterpreted in video games and live-action television? Find out in this must-have course for creators of children's books, comics and cartoons, where you'll explore how to visualize a character from narrative prompt to illustrated reality. Beginning with an editorial description, you'll use historical, anatomic and cultural references to sketch and develop the look, feel and personality of archetypal characters. You'll also become acquainted with the strict legal guidelines that govern all "licensed characters" (think Spider-Man or the Grinch), as well as with professional ethics surrounding work for hire.

Applies to: AN-R, GR-E

Prerequisite: Drawing I

  • Name: Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser (Bio)
Course Details

Saturdays, Jan 11 - Feb 8 | 9am-12pm
ages 13-17 | Westerly | 2020/CW-TEEN-2129
5 sessions | 15 contact hours | tuition $285 | lab fee $10


Learn the basic techniques of digital 2D animation and begin to develop your own animation style. You'll be introduced to the concept of the frame (animation's atomic unit) and how it turns into a cycle, then a sequence and, finally, a story, and discover the technology that makes it all possible. As a class, we'll review group exercises and student projects to develop a common understanding of what "good" animation looks like and how to discuss this exciting art form.

Applies to: AT, YD

  • Name: James Frio (Bio)
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