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Saturdays, Sep 16 - Dec 9 | 9am-12pm | No Class: 11/25
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2017/CF-DFOU-3542-03 ( Class has Started )
12 sessions | 36 contact hours | tuition $595 | lab fee $50


Explore the interdisciplinary relationship between imaging, coding, text, animation and video that come together as the designer's toolkit. This fast-paced digital media course is ideal for the novice or even the intermediate user desiring a better understanding of computer-based workflow. A single unified Web design project, built over 12 sessions, is broken down into manageable lessons that include bitmap editing, vector graphics, page layout, image capture, preservation and manipulation. The terminology, protocols and connections between products are made clear as you become familiar with the techniques necessary for anyone who designs digitally.

Applies to: AN-R, GR-R, ID-R, IT-R, JM-R, NS-R, PG-R, PM-R, PS-R

  • Name: Bryan Rodrigues (Bio)