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Apparel & Fashion Design:

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Online, Jul 20 - 31 | Asynchronous
ages 13-17 | Online | 2020/SE-TEEN-3725-05 ( Class is Full )
15 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $285


All fashion designers start their planning on paper, well before they ever see their garments worn and walking the runway. Through demonstrations, discussions and critique, students in this course explore the fashion drawing techniques used in the industry, such as basic fashion figures (or 'croquis') and mood boards -- the process tools for translating a creative idea into a sophisticated design. Students also communicate the ideas, moods, motion and details of a garment by visually interpreting fashion apparel, including the body proportions used in basic fashion drawing. As students create various croquis bodies they develop their personal style and drawing skills, as well as an appreciation for the role fashion illustration plays in the design business.

- This asynchronous online class will include video presentations and instruction, individualized support and idea development, as well as teacher/class critique through our online course management platform, CE Link.
- Please visit our Registration FAQ for additional information and resources.

Applies to: AT, Y2

  • Name: Pat Ubaldi Nurnberger (Bio)
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