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Architecture & Landscape Design:

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Online, Jul 20 - Aug 14 | Asynchronous
ages 13-17 | Online | 2020/SE-APHSS-0085-02 ( Class is Full )
54 contact hours | 0 credits | tuition $1600


This course is part of Session II (Featured Topics) of RISD Advanced Program for High School Students.

How can we design buildings that support us inside and out? Our prompt will be to design a building that can not only support the health and well-being of its inhabitants during a time of shelter-in-place (due to pandemic, war or natural disaster), but also contribute to the prosperity of the larger community in times of peace. Through a process of research and iteration of concepts, students address this critical question by expanding upon notions of sustainability and adaptability. As an introductory architectural design course, important architectural principles will be presented through exercises, lectures and demonstrations to develop an understanding of scale, form and spatial relationships. Students strengthen problem-solving skills by learning basic architectural concepts, vocabulary and strategies. Hands-on quick sketches and model-making leads to a final design concept communicated through a finished model and axonometric drawing. This course provides the framework for the type of analysis and synthesis that’s crucial to further architectural pursuits.

- This class will be taught through our online course management platform (CE Link).
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  • Name: Christina Schaller (Bio)
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