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Book & Paper Arts

Course Details

Tuesday, Jun 26 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2018/SE-BOOK-2845 ( Class is Full )
1 session | 3 contact hours | tuition $75 | lab fee $10


This total immersion workshop introduces students how to make a simple folded paper box and three folded books -- all in one evening! This fun introduction to book arts familiarizes students with basic bookbinding materials (paper, cloth, board and adhesives) and techniques (folding, sewing, gluing). It is structured to provide an individual, unique learning experience and give insight into centuries-old crafts. Throughout, examples of papers, books, calligraphy and objects are available for inspiration and discussion.

  • Name: Suzette Cozzens (Bio)
Course Details

Thursday + Friday, Jul 5 - 6 | 9am-4pm
ages 9-12 | RISD Campus | 2018/SE-CAMP-2075 ( Class is Full )
2 sessions | 14 contact hours | tuition $250 | lab fee $10


Draw, fold, build, sculpt. From small and intricate origami and, yes, even paper airplanes, to giant towering structures and papier mache sculptures, you'll explore all the things artists can do with or on paper -- including making paper from scratch! Come ready to be amazed at what a powerful and versatile medium simple paper can be, whether the paper is for "hosting" the art or becomes the art itself, in both two and three dimensions.

  • Name: Michael DiMucci (Bio)
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