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Saturdays, Apr 27 - May 18 | 9am-12pm
ages 9-12 | RISD Campus | 2019/CS-CHILD-2926
4 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $230 | lab fee $20


Here's a chance for kids to design and create pots, cups or boxes to contain a favorite snack or keepsake, or perhaps form and decorate clay tiles or sculptures that tell a story. In this course, students will continue to develop clay building skills and explore the fundamentals of sculptural and functional ceramic art. They'll also pose a few new questions: Can a sculpture have a useful function, or can a ceramic mug or bowl be a sculpture? As they refine skills in using the pinch, slab and coil methods of clay construction, students will dig deeper into the function of their clay works and finish their pieces with surface decorations, embellishments and glazes.

  • Name: Sean Garrett (Bio)
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