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Monday - Friday, Jul 16 - 20 | 9am-12pm
ages 13-17 | RISD Campus | 2018/SE-TEEN-2441
5 sessions | 15 contact hours | tuition $270 | lab fee $35


If you are only familiar with stained glass from having visited museums and churches, now is your chance to experiment with a unique and fascinating art form. This course shines a new light upon the traditional medium of stained glass, as you design and assemble your own stained glass panel. After looking to Frank Lloyd Wright and Tiffany for inspiration, you'll learn techniques for cutting and grinding glass in a variety of shapes, and then join those pieces to create a complete work of art. The final product will be a beautifully designed and well-constructed colorful glass panel that can be hung in any window.

Applies to: AT, Y3

  • Name: Christina Bertucchi (Bio)
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