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Monday - Friday, Feb 18 - 22 | 9am-4pm
ages 6-12 | Tillinghast Place | 2019/CW-CAMP-0542
5 sessions | 35 contact hours | tuition $515 | lab fee $15


The universe is a wacky place full of actions and interactions with black holes, galaxy-eating collisions, asteroids, meteors and nebulas. Young artists/explorers will design and create their own constellations using the stars, name them, and develop a story or myth that supports their ideas. They then imagine and visualize what a planetary terrain looks like or what a parallel universe is comprised of. Students will envision these alternative worlds (including their colors, sounds, shapes and patterns) as two- and three-dimensional representations using a variety of materials. In the process, they'll build new skills in drawing, painting, collaging, printmaking and mixed media, adding up to an exciting out-of-this-world camp.

  • Name: * Simon Allen, Chloe Wessner (Bio)
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