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Product Design

Course Details

Wednesdays, Oct 23 - Nov 6 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2019/CF-PDM-0865
3 sessions | 9 contact hours | tuition $215


What is design thinking and how can it be incorporated in our day-to-day situations? How can we expand our creativity by introducing different directions into our thought process? In this course, we visit brainstorming techniques through role-play exercises in a team environment and learn how to gather meaningful data through a variety of simulations and activities. We also increase our dexterity by navigating the two- and three-dimensional worlds, with the creation of a variety of scale and full-size prototypes and presentation boards. We explore how to sketch quickly and effectively by analyzing different techniques, and learn the value of working on a team project and working through feedback. The course culminates with a presentation of research techniques, thinking processes and final outcomes.

Applies to: PM-E

  • Name: Jorge Paricio (Bio)
Course Details

Saturdays, Oct 26 - Nov 23 | 1-4pm
ages 13-17 | RISD Campus | 2019/CF-TEEN-0547
5 sessions | 15 contact hours | tuition $285 | lab fee $20


You are the maker in this course that incorporates elements of both product design and apparel design. The design studio begins with a review of how manufacturing technology, trends and cultural attitudes have shaped the market for sneakers, pumps, boots and sandals. You will choose one of these forms to assess, deconstruct and redesign with attention to materials, purpose and economy. You'll learn how to render your initial idea as a concept sketch, and eventually complete a prototype shoe design that is functional, fashionable or fantastic.

Applies to: AT, Y3

  • Name: Renee Monteiro-Bernard (Bio)
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