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Textile Design

Course Details

Saturdays, Jan 12 - 26 | 10am-1pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2019/CW-TEXT-0612
3 sessions | 9 contact hours | tuition $215


Students in this course will explore what goes into creating a collection of printed textiles for home furnishings. Discussions will focus on concept development; influences of consumer and industry trends; considerations of pattern, scale, repeat, color and applications; and the full cycle production process. The class will also address ink mixing, different methods of printing and finishing, various printing techniques, inherent characteristics of various base cloths, and more. Students will conceptualize and produce a storyboard for a small residential interiors textile collection.

Applies to: ID-E

  • Name: Dawn Oliveira (Bio)
Course Details

Saturday + Sunday, Feb 9 - 10 | 10am-4pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2019/CW-TEXT-0575
2 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $275 | lab fee $30


Wet felting is a centuries-old process of combining layers of wool roving and/or wool yarns into one flat piece of felt fabric using just soap and water. It has traditionally been used to make everything from clothing to tents, and is an extremely meditative process. In this course you review the basics of the technique and learn how you can apply it to your fine art practice to create inspired tapestries and vessels. By the end of class you will have discovered a new and accessible form of art that requires minimal tools and space and has exciting results.

  • Name: Andrew Haviland (Bio)
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