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Textile Design

Course Details

Saturday + Sunday, May 20 - 21 | 10am-4pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2017/CS-TEXT-3080 ( Class is Full )
2 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $250 | lab fee $20


Fast becoming a viable art medium of choice for a new generation of artists, embroidery is no longer restricted to its traditional tea towel-and-pillow history. This workshop explores and challenges the boundaries of working with thread, and combines it with material studies and image making. Students are introduced to both traditional and contemporary approaches to working with thread, hand and machine embroidery techniques, as well as experimentation on an array of substrates to test the power of thread. Guided exercises allow students to utilize interdisciplinary approaches while developing their own imagery, and discovering language with thread. The class also has the chance to visit the RISD Museum to experience historical examples of embroidery used in bold and extraordinary ways. Please note that in addition to the lab fee, you can expect to have to buy additional supplies for this class. We try to keep this cost under $100, but for specialized classes (jewelry, wood, metals) this may be higher.

  • Name: Cindy Davis (Bio)
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