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Web Design

Course Details

Monday - Friday, Jul 9 - 13 | 9am-12pm
ages 13-17 | RISD Campus | 2018/SE-TEEN-0549
5 sessions | 15 contact hours | tuition $270


How often do you consider the design in your mobile device? The user interface (how it's controlled) has become an important project for product designers. This course gives students interested in technology a window into the user experience as they build a mock-up interface with Adobe Illustrator and browser-based prototyping tools. Topics include the specification standard of Google's Material Design and the promising career path of a UI/UX designer.

Applies to: AT, YD

  • Name: Bryan Rodrigues (Bio)
Course Details

Tuesday, Jul 17 | 6:30-9:30pm
ages 18+ | RISD Campus | 2018/SE-WEB-2792
1 session | 3 contact hours | tuition $75


Learn how to use social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, to effectively enhance or create your online brand and image. Tania Picard has worked with many individuals and businesses to develop an online presence. She will share her expertise and help you gain an in-depth perspective on how to use social media to tell your brand's story -- strategically increasing your following. Learn which tools come highly recommended to manage your posts, and how to use them. You will gain an understanding of how to set up and use website analytics to measure social media success and understand followers' internet patterns. Note: Students should plan to bring their laptops.

Applies to: GR-E, IT-E

  • Name: Tania Picard (Bio)
Course Details

Saturday, Jun 23 | 10am-2pm
ages 18+ | Off-Campus | 2018/SE-PRNT-4141 ( Class has Started )
1 session | 4 contact hours | tuition $95


Thinking and making are the parallel competencies of thoughtful design practice, whether graphic, interior, advertising or web. Award-winning graphic designer and teacher Dina Zaccagnini Vincent will introduce the conceptual development phase of design workflow, which functions as the foundation for a successful project.

This course is held at the Westerly Education Center.

  • Name: Dina Zaccagnini Vincent (Bio)
Course Details

Online, Jun 23 - Jul 28 | ONLINE
ages 18+ | Online | 2018/SE-WEB-2675 ( Class has Started )
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $420


Although your computer may physically sit on your desk, it is virtually connected to a wide array of devices on an emergent global network. Web architecture is, in broadest terms, everything that allows traffic to speed along this electronic superhighway of interconnectivity. In this course, we examine the origins, design, and implementation of computer networks, and classify them by scale, protocol and connection method. Network topology, both physical and logical, is introduced, as well as the hardware (hubs, switches and routers) and protocols that allow for smooth communication and flow of data. An understanding of Web architecture is critical to Web designers, digital media artists, and anyone needing to learn the rules of the virtual road. Note: Students are contacted via email by the instructor prior to the start date of class with detailed information.

Applies to: AN-E, GR-E, IT-R, PG-E, PM-E

  • Name: Bruce Campbell (Bio)
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