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Saturday + Sunday, May 4 - 5 | 10am-4pm
ages 18+ | Tillinghast Place | 2019/CS-PNT-0846
2 sessions | 12 contact hours | tuition $275 | lab fee $20


Today's painter/artist has endless materials, processes and approaches to choose from. In this course students experiment with myriad materials, and different ways in which to use them, in order to strengthen their oil painting practice. Techniques for changing paint application, skills for building a body of work, and strategies for expanding ideas are presented, demonstrated and practiced. This course is designed to stretch, provoke and shake up any self-imposed systems. Please note that in addition to the lab fee, you can expect to have to buy additional supplies for this course. We try to keep this cost under $100, but for specialized courses (jewelry, wood, metals) this may be higher.

Schedule/Location Update: The dates and location for this course have changed since originally published. Class will now meet May 4-5 at Tillinghast Place.

Applies to: PS-E

Prerequisite: Experience in oil painting

  • Name: Marian Smith (Bio)
Course Details

Mondays, Apr 8 - May 20 | 9am-12pm | No Class: 4/15
ages 18+ | Tillinghast Place | 2019/CS-NATUR-2880
6 sessions | 18 contact hours | tuition $365 | lab fee $20


Landscapes and the natural world are some of the oldest, most quintessential inspirations for artists; however, this subject matter can easily fall into cliché. Set at Tillinghast Place, this course allows students to search for answers and reinvigorate their connection to today's complex natural landscape, resulting in contemporary interpretations and representations. Students create imagery that reflects individual interests in nature -- both representational and metaphorical -- while using methods such as drawing, painting and collage in direct and immediate ways. Pencil, watercolor, ink and paper are some of the media used, and students are able to integrate their own media. Students generate quick and spontaneous images while investigating alternative ways to express themselves with image making. Bookmaking possibilities are also explored, as students compile a series of final images that reflect their unique and contemporary relationship with the natural world. Note: Work is done onsite (weather permitting).

Applies to: NS-E, PS-E

  • Name: Molly Kaderka (Bio)
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