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Online Certificate: Courses in this certificate are delivered completely online.

Photography is often described as equal parts science and art. Photographers help us see the world in new ways–documenting, representing, contextualizing and/or interpreting objects, people, places, situations or occurrences through distinct lenses. The core curriculum engages students in exploring the principles of design to construct considered, meaningful and impactful images. Subsequent learning includes focused technical learning and practice with a camera: seeing through a lens, digital technology, lighting and post-processing. Students in the photography program are able to depict powerful visual narratives–building portfolios that support professional development, personal fulfillment and/or subsequent independent practice.

Certificate Guide and Cost Breakdown (pdf)

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Skill Development

  • Camera skills
  • Digital photography
  • Lighting
  • Digital editing / post-processing

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn fundamentals of design and color and how they can help depict powerful visual narratives for various subject types
  • Understand technical operations like lens focus, shutter speed and aperture common to all cameras, and how they influence artistic choices
  • For post-photographic processing, learn Adobe software methods such as layer masks and effects, smart objects, adjustment layers, clipping masks, color modification, damage repair and digital make-up techniques to adjust images
  • Leverage the components that make studio lighting advantageous, as well as how to simulate natural external conditions
  • Understand how to build a portfolio towards career opportunities in the photography marketplace in relation to event, wedding, portrait, editorial, commercial and fine art photography

Program Cost

$9,735 total
Current tuition rates; subject to change over the course of your program. Supplies, software subscription fees and other materials are not included.

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