Product Development and Manufacturing certificate program, Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education

Online Certificate: Courses in this certificate are delivered completely online.

Note: This certificate program is no longer taking new applications.

Product developers practice human-centered design through careful planning and creative thinking, and ultimately drive user satisfaction and business growth. The Product Development + Manufacturing certificate teaches students to use the design process to develop meaningful solutions to real-world problems. With this certificate, students gain a range of fundamental creative, diagnostic, mechanical and visual skills allowing them to conquer the many challenges that arise in the product development process. The certificate reviews all phases of the product design and development life cycle, including: conceptualization; research; design development; prototype and user testing; manufacturing and assembly; distribution and marketing. Graduates pursue careers at product design and manufacturing related firms or in entrepreneurial pursuits.

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Skill Development

  • Human-centered design and research
  • Collaboration
  • Mind mapping
  • Iterative development through product testing and evaluation
  • Prototyping

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn new problem-solving methods in teams, to determine single or multiple design solutions
  • Increase business growth, user satisfaction, and decrease costs through innovative design processes
  • Gain deeper understanding of all phases of the product design and development lifecycle, applying creative, collaborative approaches
  • Use real-world observation and research to uncover new product development or enhancement opportunities
  • Learn to conduct experimentation and prototyping to test, evaluate, improve and apply to products intended to be commercially produced
  • Understand how to build a portfolio for potential career opportunities that could include product development for home, apparel, medical devices, tech, electronics, and automotive

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