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RISD CE course: Walking as Creative Practice

Walking* can be an amazingly transformative act. Many cultures have traditions of walking meditations, and throughout history many artists and thinkers have deemed walking practices critical to their creativity. Together, we will explore ways to bring mindfulness and creativity to the practice, tuning into our immediate surroundings and creating work. Each week will focus on a different physical sense or medium (sight, sound, video, physical sensation, smell, taste) and use mindfulness activities to sharpen observation skills as a jumping off point for the creative exercises. 

*Note that walking is used as an umbrella term to mean moving or journeying in various forms. This course welcomes persons with disabilities or those with limited mobility to participate.


Students must be an adult age 18 or older to participate.


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Jun 17, 2024 to Jul 28, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $475.00 Click here to get more information
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Jul 08, 2024
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Apr 02, 2024 to Jun 12, 2024
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Jun 17, 2024 to Jul 28, 2024
Necessary Supplies

This course requires a camera with video and still capabilities (cell phone is fine) and a sound recording device (cell phone is fine). Additionally, you can expect to spend up to $125 (estimate) on supplies, equipment, software subscriptions, and/or books for this course. A supply list will be available on the course site in Canvas at least 30 days prior to the first day of class.

Once you have received your enrollment confirmation and logged in to Canvas, navigate to Upcoming Courses on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Supplies will be listed on your course homepage under the supplies heading. Some or all of your course supplies are available at the RISD Store.

Section Notes
There are specific digital skills that are required for this course. Students should have the ability to create photo, video and audio recordings with phone or dedicated equipment, and then transfer them from a phone or dedicated equipment to a computer.
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