Student reviewing a graphic design project on a wall.

Online Certificate: Courses in this certificate are delivered completely online.

A field that incorporates type, images, visual acuity, conceptual fluidity and technical skill, graphic design is foundational within design. It is useful to multiple sectors seeking to engage people, and represent ideas, perspectives and relationships in visual form. The certificate synthesizes learning about design principles, visual thinking, graphic form, typography and digital technology through hands-on work, design challenges, peer critique and independent projects – enabling students to develop fluency and confidence with the field and their own practice. As a creative form with multiple potential user interfaces, this certificate provides students with foundational learning in brand strategy and implementation across print, digital and interactive.

Certificate Guide and Cost Breakdown (pdf)

Certificate Program Policies

Certificate Program FAQs

Skill Development

  • Print design (magazine, poster, book, business-related materials)
  • Design for web
  • Typography
  • Logo and brand development
  • Type and image
  • Package design

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain problem-solving skills by conceptualizing, planning and executing a design that conveys a message. Learn how to apply color theory and its applications and mechanics in practice, using hue, value and intensity, line, shape, value, texture, figure/ground relationships, repetition, contrast, rhythm, and transformation to affect users in intentional ways
  • Understand the interaction of type and image
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of various aspects of typography in order to compose single and multipage documents, page systems and using type styles to influence expression and communication
  • Learn the interdisciplinary relationship between imaging, coding, text, animation and video as designer tools in the context of building a website
  • Understand how to build a portfolio and brand identity for potential career opportunities in print design, art direction, marketing, brand and logo development or web design

Program Cost

$10,210 total
Current tuition rates; subject to change over the course of your program. Supplies, software subscription fees and other materials are not included.

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