RISD Advanced Program Online - certificate for high school students


High school students in grades 10–12 (or the equivalent) who are 15–18 years old

RISD’s Advanced Program Online is offered on a certificate track for students who want to expand their skill sets and portfolio. Students who complete the certificate engage in a curriculum that emphasizes learning the fundamentals of drawing and design through a variety of materials that can be applied in new and experimental ways. By understanding the fundamentals of methods and materials, students can more successfully visualize their ideas.

In addition to learning how to use creative tools, students develop the ability to research, iterate and evolve concepts that can set their work apart from the ordinary. Critical inquiry into contemporary artists and issues is fostered along with the vital ability to write, speak about and present your work.

Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of this program is to provide an educational experience that allows students the opportunity to focus on a passion, reflect on contemporary circumstances, and experience the pursuit of art and design topics in depth. This vital online experience will help students as they learn to be self-motivated, nimble, creative and critical thinkers. Learning outcomes include:

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of foundational principles in drawing and design
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary thinking in art and design, especially as it pertains to responses to crisis
  • Develop a rigorous, investigatory and iterative conceptual process to create work that successfully conveys personal expression and meaning to an audience.
  • Explain information, ideas and proposals effectively using methods of visual and written communication.
  • Analyze technical applications, theoretical issues and proposed concepts within their work and the work of fellow students.
  • Develop a personal work ethic to create independently.
  • Produce completed projects alongside a formal sketchbook that includes unresolved work, concepts and plans for the future.

Students must complete the following courses with a minimum grade of C-

  • Exploration In Design
  • Experiential Drawing
  • Featured Topic (choose)
  • Visual + Critical Language

Program Cost

$5,520 total
Your tuition is determined by the number of courses you enroll in. If you choose to complete the certificate, the total program cost is $5,520.
Current tuition rates; subject to change over the course of your program. Supplies, software subscription fees and other materials are not included.

Additional Information

Certificate Guide and Cost Breakdown (pdf)

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