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RISD CE Painting from Nature course

This asynchronous online class is the first of two courses, and begins the groundwork for observational rendering of natural subject matter in color media. Step-by-step instructions, demonstrations and hands-on exercises provide the framework to explore the principles of color and rendering techniques in colored pencil and watercolor as they can be applied in the depiction of a natural subject’s form, structure, texture and pattern. Lighting is emphasized as a means of heightening the realistic qualities of a specimen. Plants, birds, insects and other animals are the subjects, but the objectives may include creating visuals for children's books and commissioned paintings, as well as publication in scientific journals. Students will need to supply their own natural subjects and specimens, similar to what are shown in demonstrations. Note: Successful completion of "Painting from Nature, Part A" (0626) and "Painting from Nature, Part B" (0627) satisfies the "Painting from Nature" (2286) requirement for the Natural Science Illustration certificate.


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Sep 12, 2022 to Oct 24, 2022
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Oct 03, 2022
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Students are responsible for purchasing their own art supplies, equipment, software subscriptions, and/or books. For most classes, the cost is under $125 (estimate). A supply list will be available on the course site in Canvas at least 30 days prior to the first day of class.

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