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Online Certificate: Courses in this certificate are delivered completely online.

Interactive design is a dynamic and rapidly growing field. Developed to engage people in compelling and vital experiences and relationships, interactive design draws on user experience, conceptual frameworks, coding and multiple digital platforms and media to create desirable and seamless digital user interfaces. The certificate incorporates digital tools and platforms including JavaScript, CSS and app development into learning about structure, user experience, medium selection and synthesis to develop vibrant and innovative digital interfaces that communicate with brand, audience and the world. The certificate enables graduates to expand existing digital competencies and apply them in creative ways such as developing interactive websites, dynamic advertising and other e-marketing materials, mobile and multimedia applications, educational modules and more.

Certificate Guide and Cost Breakdown (pdf)

Certificate Program Policies

Certificate Program FAQs

Skill Development

  • Website architecture and HTML
  • JavaScript coding
  • Mobile app design
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • User Experience (UX) design

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to apply the primary web authoring competencies, HTML and CSS, to website design elements including images, text, layouts, links and content management
  • Gain fundamental digital image design skills including bitmap editing, vector graphics, page layout, image capture, preservation and manipulation
  • Learn the basics of JavaScript, the programming language used most often to add interactivity to websites, including status bar messages, event handlers and image rollovers
  • UI: Begin designing compelling visual user interface solutions for mobile devices from concept to screen, resulting in clear prototypes to help designers better communicate with developers, using industry-standard tools in Adobe Creative Suite for wireframing, collaboration and workflow
  • UX: Combine client and user needs with understanding of perceptual and cultural factors, screen design principles, icon creation, usability standards to create a content structure, navigation and screen appearance of a graphically rich and, usable interface with responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile phone display
  • Understand how to build an online portfolio for career opportunities in the fields of UX design, UI design, mobile app development, multimedia learning software, and other fields where coding and interfaces converge, such as data visualization in analytics

Program Cost

$10,210 total
Current tuition rates; subject to change over the course of your program. Supplies, software subscription fees and other materials are not included.

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